Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our 3 day journey to Texas

We made it!  Our 3 day journey across the country to our new temporary home; in an apartment.  We began our journey on a Friday night from Charlotte and stopped off in Atlanta at a LaQuinta.  The hotel was on the outer belt of the ATL.  It was a very nice hotel.  Modern in style and convenient to food and the highway.  We left the next morning to begin our second day of travel and as we traveled through the southern states (Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana) it actually went by pretty fast.  We had anticipated driving for 8 hours which turned into 10 because our first and second hotel choice was not the best in Louisiana, so we decided to drive to the Texas border and stopped at a LaQuinta in Murphy, TX.  Nice hotel; however our room smelled like fresh paint.  Our third day, was only 2.5 hours in the car.  By this time Finn was so aggravated with being in the car that he was pouting.  My sweet Hank, co pilot slept all 3 days in the car with me.  Quite the travel companion he was. We ended up arriving a few hours early so we headed to Target and grabbed a few essentials like, towels, sheets and snacks.  We also had to stop and buy a mattress.  We were lucky that the one we liked was available for delivery that afternoon.  We finally went to the apartment and signed the lease.  We took the dogs for a walk around and Bryce unpacked the car.  Our first night we ordered PeiWei for dinner which was at the end of the street.  I would say our first across the country move with two dogs and two cars was a success.


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