Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lost in TX

So by no you probably know that we have moved ago TX.  My first time being away from the area I grew up;it took me 35 years, but we did it.  My first day driving to the Smoothie King, which I I thought I remembered how to get there but I got a little lost, just trying to get out of the apartment complex.  Needless to say, I am terrible with directions.  Living somewhere for 35 years you get use to the area and can get almost anywhere.  Now being in the state of Texas, hello this place is freakin huge not to mention a ton of more highways.  So I'm learning the ropes and getting around for now.  I have been using my handy dandy maps app on my phone to help.  I did make it all the way to downtown dallas from allen which is about 23 miles one-way.  Oh boy was that a scary first day to go to the office.  Bryce printed off directions and because of the traffic I had to leave at 6am.  i talked to him the whole way which made me feel much better.   I made it to work in 20 minutes that morning, I'll talk more in another post about traffic.  I got a little turned around trying to get out of the parking garage.  i would say it was a HUGE success for me in conquering a fear of being lost.  I've almost memorized my route to work, the street names not so much.  Lol.  I hope you enjoyed this post on my first day in dallas traffic and my fear of being lost.


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